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Welcome to Strategy and Performance Solutions SRL

Strategy and Performance Solutions (SPS) SRL is a reputable IT and consulting Company specialising in Strategic Management, Anti-corruption & Anti-Fraud systems, Artificial Intelligence, and inter-disciplinary R&D

SPS develops customized strategic systems and anti-corruption programs and platforms for public sector and private companies.

 If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient Strategic  and IT Contractor Company, look no further than Strategy and Performance Solutions SRL. 

Who We Are

Strategy and Performance Solutions (SPS) SRL is a reputable IT and consulting Company specialising in Strategic Management, Anti-corruption & Anti-Fraud systems, Artificial Intelligence, and inter-disciplinary R&D.

Ever since we opened for business, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer you and to receive your free estimate.


Founded by the business strategist and author Diana Radoane, the creative consulting agency designs state-of-the-art anti-corruption and strategic management systems.​

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Strategic Systems

SPS's strategic management services include: strategic analysis, creating strategy maps, and Balanced Scorecard systems.

Usually, this includes include: defining the mission, vision, and organizational values, setting objectives, KPIs, targets, strategic initiatives, and developing strategic risk management systems.

Anti-corruption systems


Anti-corruption consulting and anti-bribery management systems (ISO 37001: 2016):
- Organisational integrity agendas, 

- Corruption risk registries, 

- Integrity plans (objectives, KPIs, initiatives),

- Code of Ethics,

- Anti-corruption policies and procedures,

- Best practices guides and manuals in line with UN, OECD, EU, and Council of Europe standards. 

More info on this platform launched by SPS:

Anti-corruption and integrity training


Training the executive leadership teams in the fields of:

- anti-fraud,

- ethics,

- ISO37001 (anti-bribery),

- anti-corruption legislation, and

- anti-corruption systems.







The Rise of ESG initiatives

In the past years, Corporate Boards started paying increased attention to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues.  


ESG initiatives are probably one of the most crucial, well-structured, and measurable global initiatives working toward achieving a global consciousness and fairness for every human being. ESG initiatives pragmatically complete the anti-corruption legislation and provide support through structured data and measurable indicators, useful to prove cases of grand corruption and discrimination.


Among the many ESG frameworks and standards, the most well-known and comprehensive are The United Nations SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

However, a vulnerability of this initiative is the lack of generally accepted ESG standards and the existence of many frameworks and standards that have made it easy for companies to include vague data in their ESG reporting. A generally accepted global standard for ESG reporting would make it much easier for ESG report preparers and ESG report users to navigate and understand ESG reports.  



With a focus on the Governance dimension of the ESG goals, SPS:

a) advises companies to implement appropriate controls, including anti-corruption programs, anti-bribery systems, and fraud risk management programs to ensure ethical business practices and comply with the anti-corruption legislation and anti-bribery acts, and monitor and report on: 

- diversity, ethics, and fairness in the composition of the board. 

- transparency in the decision-making of the board of directors,  

- fairness in executive compensation,

- diversity and equity in hiring and promotion.

b) provides independent external verification services related to the ESG reports (ESG Audits) to ensure companies provide truthful data about their ESG efforts.  


When it comes to diversity and fairness in recruiting and the composition of the boards, SPS proposes a set of two new indicators to evaluate the level of discrimination and corruption. Selection should be based on:

1. Qualifications, EQ, SQ, IQ ethics, communication abilities and ability to obtain results;

2. If the person has or hasn’t received their fair share from public funds and the funds resulting from the exploitation of their country's resources.

If more qualified candidates haven’t received their fair share from public funds and the funds resulting from the exploitation of their country's resources, they should receive 20 points out of 100. 

If they are discriminated against so that someone else, less qualified, is selected based on previous experience obtained in jobs and functions received by being previously illegally privileged - that is an unfair selection and recruiting practice. It is unethical behavior that fuels endless networks and circles of discrimination and corruption.


The anti-corruption platform (aligned with national anti-corruption strategy) can be accessed at:

Links between the material topics of GRI for the oil and gas sector and the SDGs.

Source: Consolidated Set of the GRI Standards,

Anti-corruption Systems

Anti-corruption program:

  • Creation and Organization of  Corruption Risks Working Group;

  • Creation of the organizational integrity agenda;

  • Development of a corruption risk register (identification of corruption threats and vulnerabilities, corruption risks, bribery and fraud indicators),

  • Design of an organizational integrity plan with anti-corruption, integrity, anti-fraud objectives, KPIs, and measures;

  • Elaboration of an anti-corruption program with anti-corruption procedures addressing:

1. Access to information of public interest

2. Management of Conflicts of Interest

3. Incompatibilities

4. Protecting Whistleblowers

5. Management of Sensitive Functions (high corruption risk)

6. Pantouflage – prohibitions after termination of employment in public institutions

7. Decisional Transparency

8. Code of Ethics, Integrity, Conduct

9. Declaration of Gifts

10. Corruption Risk Management

11. Management of Declarations of Assets and Interests

Forms related to anti-corruption procedures.


Anti-bribery management systems (ISO 37001): Anti-bribery manual, Anti-bribery policy and procedures, and anti-fraud indicators.


Elaboration of best practice guidelines on prevention of corruption.


Diana Radoane, CFE, MBA

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Diana Radoane

Get to Know Us

Strategy and Performance Solutions SRL (LLC) was founded by Diana Radoane as a result of her passion for knowledge, strategic systems, and new ways to organize science and enable curiosity-driven discoveries and innovation.​

Diana is a corporate strategy professional, author, researcher, and management consultant with over 15 years of experience, specializing in strategy development and implementation, performance management, tech solutions, and designing multifaceted strategic initiatives with positive business and economic impact. 
She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Commerce with a graduation thesis on Intelligence and Emotional intelligence in Business (2008), a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a graduation thesis on Strategic Systems (2010), and is a certified trainer. She is also certified in Strategy Execution, Balanced Scorecard (HBS, 2013), and Artificial Intelligence (MIT, 2019).

Diana practiced her skills in management consultancy firms, banks, software companies, and investment management offices. As a strategist and performance management expert, she advised numerous organizations within the private and public sectors in Europe and the Middle East, helping to build performance-oriented cultures and facilitating the potential for growth and innovation within these companies.​​

When it comes to strategic projects, Diana helps companies to:
- Design strategy management processes and corporate performance management frameworks.

-  Design Anti-corruption, Anti-fraud and integrity systems. 
- Develop the Vision, Mission, Values, Change Agenda, and Perform Strategic Analysis: PESTLE, SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces.
- Design Strategy Maps with linked strategic objectives, Define Measures and Targets.
- Prioritize and fund strategic initiatives, Assign Accountability.
- Develop relevant and meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), and metrics tailored for each business.
- Develop scorecards and operational dashboards.
- Implement Balanced Scorecard.
- Create anti-corruption strategies.
- Train and coach organizations to become strategy-focused and performance-oriented.
- Research and develop new products in the biotech industry.
- Develop Artificial Intelligence products.

Aside from her day-to-day involvement in strategic projects, Diana is also a science writer and researcher on (human and artificial) intelligence, consciousness, and quantum physics. ​

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The Code Of Consciousness: A scientific approach

“The Code Of Consciousness: A scientific approach” (Book) 2020

ISBN: 9798687898928, ASIN: B08JDTPBVJ. ​​​​​​​​

Topics: brain and cognitive sciences, psilocybin, quantum physics and computing, artificial intelligence, genetics, future technologies, mathematics.

Keywords: quantum physics, photons, biophotons, consciousness, quantum feedback loop, brainwaves, electromagnetic waves.

In this unconventional and daring book, I aim to pragmatically define the Consciousness as the most powerful future technology, find the link between Consciousness and the origin of life and human evolution, explain the concept of time and dimensions, and use scientific data to demystify the Consciousness in the frequency range of our spacetime dimension with the help of neuroscience, chemistry, and quantum physics. 


At least 10% of the book's content consists of unique discoveries that I have made during the past years. As I stated in the book: "the only new "innovations" that a human mind can bring in this dimension are the ones that are shared exclusively to that mind, in specific frequency ranges, through revelations, between Delta and Theta brainwaves (~3HZ) or Gamma brainwaves (+900Hz)."  And that's what I aim to bring new into this world. This is book is a result of long-term research work that I started many years ago, a scientific inter-disciplinary analysis that focuses on the measurement and the creation of Consciousness, and on the transfer of this Consciousness between dimensions.
"The theory developed gradually in this book is that the divine Light from the highest dimension of the universe communicates with the living beings in this dimension through Light (photons).
Those photons are captured by the photoreceptors in the retina (rods and cones) of our two eyes, which send the data to the Visual Cortex to make sense of it.  
The coded neurons communicate with the pineal gland (a special photoreceptor and magnetoreceptor) through the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) and sympathetic nervous system. 
The groups of neurons produce electrical oscillations in the brain (measured with EEG) and then use electrochemical impulses to communicate with each other, including in the pineal gland, and instruct the gland when and in what quantity to produce the tryptamines and the spirit molecule (DMT), in line with the frequencies of the Light photons." – Diana Radoane, The Code of Consciousness.​


The book is available on Amazon, since August 2020, at: ​​​​​

The Code of Consciousness.png

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Europe, Romania.

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